Tea Tree Oil Is Not Completely Same As Tea Oil

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"Whenever we have skin disease or any other physical disorder, we usually look for medications. However, many people look for some alternative solution, which may be used very easily. Though the drugs or medicines can cure your issues, the natural treatments are comparatively better and safe to all. In fact, some special oils, derived from natural resource, may be chosen to heal your skin-related disease. Tea tree oil and tea oil- these are two oils, which have high medicinal values. But, though the names of these oils seem to denote that they are same, there is the difference between them. Both of the oils have amazing therapeutic traits, and they contain natural elements to prevent diseases.


Tea tree oil- Its uses for various purposes

Now, let’s first talk about tea tree oil. This oil may work as a remedy to lots of diseases, and this natural gift is riskless to almost all people. It is an essential oil that consists of forty eight chemicals, and it is taken from Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, found in Australia. There are different cosmetic products, such as shampoo, soap and toothpastes, which are made from this oil. The oil is also applicable as dental treatment or therapy after surgery.
Melaleuca alternifolia leaves were initially used as a therapeutic solution for colds or coughs. These leaves were, at first, collected and grinded in order to take out the required oil, and after that, they were inhaled to cure coughs. Due to the therapeutic benefits, this essential oil is different from other oils. It may work as a kind of antiseptic solution in order to heal skin disorder. This oil is also powerful to treat fungal disease and bacteria. However, remember that this oil mustn’t be utilized for replacement of any standard treatment for your health.

Tea oil- Its origin and applications

Another type of is tea oil, which is extracted from seeds (Camelia oleifera), and this plan is grown in the country of China. From this plant, oolong and green tea leaf is also extracted. There is no odor in tea oil; however, you may find some herbal fragrance. Though name of this oil is tea oil, you shouldn’t think it to be same as the tea tree oil.

Tea oil also offers remarkable benefits, and it is incorporated in manufacturing hair care oil and soap. In the cosmetic field, it is found to be much effective. Residues, which are available after processing tea oil, are helpful to feed livestock. They are also useful to make fertilizers and pesticides.

In tea oil, you may also get antioxidants that have a significant beneficial role. This is also effective to cure some diseases as well as to prevent aging. Vitamins A, K and D are also present in this oil, and so, it is the best solution to cure many disorders, related to skin.

Thus, both the oils have therapeutic values, for which people want to choose them as an alternative therapy. You can buy tea tree oil or tea oil, according to your need.